Landscape Excellence


What does the consultation process entail?

Once you contact us, we will schedule a date and time to review your yard free of charge.  After providing you with insight and creative solutions, you may then contract us to create a landscape design for you. The cost of the plan will be quoted at our initial meeting.  A plan design generally costs between $500 and $1000.  Larger designs will cost more.  The cost of the plan is deducted from the final landscape cost when the landscape installation is completed.  A minimum landscape installation is generally around $8000.  A complete design is drawn with an itemized pricing included.  Upon acceptance of a landscape plan, a down payment of 1/3 of the total cost is required to schedule an installation time period.  A second payment of 1/3 is made the week we begin installing your landscape.  The final 1/3 payment is made the week we complete the landscape installation.

What types of landscapes do you install?


We have greater expertise in custom themes than any of our competitors.  Our creative and artistic abilities give our customers diverse options.  We are known to offer authentic Woodland gardens, Alpine Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Chinese Gardens, Italian Gardens, English Gardens, Water Gardens and Lakes, California Border privacy plantings and many more.  Additional themes that customers have requested and installed are Lake Tahoe, French-Mediterranean, Butterfly gardens, North Shore, and Antique Farmstead. 

We exhaust all possibilities when creating living spaces for various settings according to each customer’s request. Bill has created swimming ponds within natural settings as well as formal swimming pools, waterfalls thirty feet tall and intimate, babbling streams six feet long, estate-sized landscaping as well as smaller urban lots.  We provide new personality to any space by custom building and locating any detail items for your landscape that provide the character desired.  Personalized patios, walkways, sitting areas, kitchens, beaches, storage buildings, playhouses, fireplaces, fire pits, basketball courts, and child-focused yards are a few items that are often installed.  With the custom yard comes the option of a larger plant material pallet than any other firm, in order to provide you with your own oasis customized to your family!  

Can we get references?

Yes.  References are provided upon request.  We contact customers for their permission before providing contact information.  Privacy of my customers is of the utmost importance.  At times, we may be able to arrange an appointment to view a customer’s yard or visit my display gardens.

Where will you work?

We will provide landscape service wherever it is needed.  Our customers live anywhere from Litchfield, MN to Owatonna, MN, from Long Prairie, MN to Hudson, WI and we have installed projects as far as Rice Lake, WI.  The majority of our projects are installed in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Do you use your own employees?

We always use our own employees so that we can control the complete project and the quality of our work.  Our objective is to have the customer work with one project manager that is available for all questions, concerns, and compliments.  The project manager is always the owner of the company, Bill Swanson.

What is your education and experience?

Bill Swanson began testing underutilized plants when only 16 years old.  The love of plants and design determined his path when he graduated from the University of Minnesota from Nursery Management and Landscape Design.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree.  He set up a new retail nursery in 1983 called Dundee Nursery.  After assisting in the management for 2 years, He started his own landscape company which he ran in a partnership for 6 years as a specialty plant expert.  In 1990 Bill started his own landscape company focused on unique plant material he had been testing for many years.  In conjunction to the landscape company, Bill worked as the plant propagator and nursery manager for the plant breeding projects at The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Plant Research Center.  Bill helped in the development of the “Northern Lights Azalea” breeding programs as well as many others such as the “Honeycrisp Apple”.  Bill has continued to this day providing the greatest expertise in plant material for a northern climate in the Midwest.  His design skills have been infamous throughout the Minneapolis & St.Paul Area for decades, known for artistic design that is focused on the customer’s needs.

What type of warranty do you provide?

We provide a complete one year warranty on all plant material that we install.  We also provide a two year warranty on all hardscape materials to ensure that it is free from defect and to account for settling or movement.

Are your plants hardy?

Yes.  We have been testing all of the plants that we offer for landscaping in our display gardens in New Germany, Minnesota. Customers are always welcome to visit our gardens.  Some of our customers enjoy testing some unique marginal plants in their yards as well, but that is a personal decision.  All plants that we install are guaranteed to survive for one complete year.  

Do you grow your own plants?

Yes and No.  We have 60 acres in New Germany, Minnesota where we grow specimen trees and shrubs for our customers.  We also harvest unique specimens from our display gardens for the discriminating customer.  We also purchase additional plant material from national sources that we bring in direct from the grower.  Our sources are companies that we visit personally throughout the country and have purchased from for over 20 years.  For these reasons, price and variety are always better with us compared to the local market.